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Passion for good food, self-respect and respect for our planet. These three pillars brought us together in creating a culinary concept based in vegan and vegetarian food. A balanced and healthy alternative to traditional cuisine, which is good for your body and your mind.  We are veggie. Be veggie with us.

.healthy food

Seasonal ingredients, reputable local suppliers and recipes focused on helping the internal organs – that’s our motto. Let us show you that cooking with high quality fresh ingredients is not only healthy, but can be delicious as well.

.healthy life
Healthy body means a healthy mind! Through a balanced diet, we aim to make you more productive, bring a smile to your face and help you feel good about yourself at the end of the day.
.healthy planet

We must protect our planet. Being a vegan or a vegetarian is not only about abstaining from meat, but also about producing less waste and being more mindful of life on Earth. We care about the environment and that’s why all our containers are recycled and we diligently compost all our leftovers.

Whether you drop by on a Monday or a Friday, for breakfast, lunch or dinner, here at veggie you’ll always find new, seasonal and fresh meals served with a smile.
Lunch Specials
Daily offer is available in Czech version of this website


Have a look at our fresh vegetable salad bar as well.

Lunch specials can be ordered with a side of grilled or baked vegetables, two kinds of rice or gently steamed mix of vegetables.



  • with vegan / vegetarian beet steak tartare...65 Kč
  • with hummus and avocado...65 Kč
  • with vegan salmon...65 Kč

Toasts can be made with gluten-free toast on request.

Daily offer of vegan spreads:
avocado, lentil, bean, à la salmon

  • Yoghurt with fresh fruit (vegan / vegetarian, gluten free)...60 Kč
  • Tapioca pudding with fresh fruit (vegan, gluten free)...75 Kč
  • Granola with yoghurt and fresh fruit (vegetarian)...90 Kč

Daily offer of cakes and pies.

Coffee Menu

Premium coffee from local roasting plant DOUBLESHOT

The espresso blend – Tam Dem is based on two fresh January harvests from Guatemala 60% and Ethiopia 40%.

  • Espresso/Lungo...45 Kč
  • Macchiato...50 Kč
  • Cappuccino...60 Kč
  • Flat white...70 Kč
  • Caffé latté...70 Kč
  • Batch brew of the day (or filtered coffee of the day) 250 ml...60 Kč
  • Chai latte (per daily offer) 250 ml...55 Kč
  • Loose tea 0,5 l – 60 CZK...60 Kč
  • Smoothie (per daily offer)...85 Kč
  • Homemade lemonade 0,4 l (passionfruit & mango, strawberry & mint)...60 Kč
  • Butter croissant...30 Kč

All coffees can also be prepared in a vegan version with oat milk.

Veggie Bistro Praha -
Veggie Bistro Praha -
Veggie Bistro Praha -
Veggie Bistro Praha -
Veggie Bistro Praha -
Veggie Bistro Praha -
Veggie Bistro Praha -
Veggie Bistro Praha -
Veggie Bistro Praha -
Veggie Bistro Praha -
Veggie Bistro Praha -
Veggie Bistro Praha -
Summer opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 10:30 am 11:00 am - 16:00 pm
Saturday – Sunday: Closed
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